Spicy Pretzels

Chelsea's Spicy Pretzels -  Formerly known as Mom's Spicy Pretzels

 Mom's Spicy Pretzels is now part of the Integrity Food Group family.  Integrity Food Group is the parent company of Savannah Grace Cheese Straws, Steamer Hot Cocoa and Chelsea's Pantry, based in West Point, VA.  

What does this mean for you? Really, not much is changing!  We've actually worked closely with Integrity for the last few years now as they have exclusively handled all of our production needs, and they have been a partner and mentor to us as we've continued to grow the business.  What is changing is the name, to Chelsea's Spicy Pretzels, and your orders will go directly to Jeff, Helen and their team.  All the flavors, taste, delivery time, pricing and customer service will remain the same as you have come to know and expect.  Even our label artwork remains mostly the same!

What does this mean for us?  We will still be involved with the new brand helping with new customer acquisition, and remain available at any point for questions about the transition or otherwise.
Our story continues…  We set out in 2015 to see if these pretzels our mom made for friends and family on holidays and special occasions would actually be a viable product in the marketplace.  Starting at the South of the James farmer's market in Richmond, we have been amazed to see the reaction we get from both spicy and non-spicy food lovers alike.  We can't thank you enough for your support and trust as our valued customers, and we wouldn't be making this change if we didn't feel it was the best next step in the evolution of the company.  Jeff, Helen and their team hold themselves to a very high standard as one might expect from a company named Integrity and we are pleased to be transitioning our family business into theirs.